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We sell striking fresh flowers that are the most supreme quality you’ll find anywhere. You can pre-book for noteworthy savings. We offer the best selection of hardgoods anywhere in this market. And have the most up-to-date and most creative supplies for the upcoming holidays and every day.

Our staff pays attention to detail on weddings and special events. Our experience has earned the trust of retail florists throughout Kansas City.

There are many reasons to do business with DWF:

  • Quality is the forefront of our operations
  • Gorgeous, fresh flowers that are the finest quality you’ll find anywhere
  • Best selection of hard goods anywhere in this market
  • The latest and most creative supplies for the upcoming holidays and for everyday
  • Significant savings on pre-booking orders
  • Attention-to-detail on weddings and special events

It is our undertaking to set the standards for excellence in fresh cut flowers and to be the supplier of your choice. Our qualified staff is standing by to get the trust of retail florists all over the country. We would love for you to start buying flowers from us.

Call us at 816.474.9705 to arrange a tour of our facilities. We are not open to the public and you will need a reseller license to be wholesale customer of ours. We look forward to serving you.

Kansas City Florist Staff

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George E.

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Dennis H.

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Michelle S.

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Alan R.

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